Alberta Government Proposes Discriminatory Policies Against Trans Youth

Paula Tran, Global News:

In a social media post on Wednesday afternoon, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith said the government will require parental notification and consent if a child 15 years or younger changes their name and pronouns at school.

In the video on X, formerly known as Twitter, Smith said parents of children aged 16 and 17 will not need to consent to the changes but will need to be notified.

These are only the start of a long list of unsubstantiated policies aimed at discriminating against trans youth. Yet Smith’s video wraps them in the language of civil rights and inclusion. It is an unsettling effect.

Smith’s specific objections are a grab bag of familiar grievances, none of which are supported by experts in this field. An article published last year by Evan Urquhart is a good if U.S.-centric overview of common beliefs; Calgary’s Skipping Stone Foundation has a list of resources, too. Smith’s policy proposal is purely based on vibes, which means it cannot be disputed with facts. Kids in this province will feel the disproportionate hurt it will cause. Smith had the gall to claim her goal was “depoliticizing” the rights of transgender kids in this province by inserting politics between patients and doctors.

From a joint statement issued by Egale Canada and Skipping Stone Foundation:

The draconian measures announced run directly counter to expert guidance and evidence, violate the constitutional rights of 2SLGBTQI+ people, and will lead to irreparable harm and suffering.

Egale and Skipping Stone will bring legal action to protect our communities.

Canadian Women and Sport also expressed their firm disagreement.