Written by Nick Heer.

On the Third Day of Launches, Apple Showed to Me: Updated AirPods

The headline features:

  • A new H1 chip specifically for headphones replaces the W1 in the previous-generation product, which Apple says allows for faster connections and switching between devices.

  • “Hey, Siri” support, also powered by the H1.

  • An optional charging case that supports the Qi standard, which is available at the time of purchase as a $40 upgrade in U.S. pricing, and which is sold separately for around $80. It supports first-generation AirPods as well.

A nice thing about the new AirPods is that Apple isn’t versioning them in the product name. They’re “AirPods”, just like the last generation. And, if you order these online, you can now engrave the case.

It’s too bad they still don’t work with my ears.