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Written by Nick Heer.

Adobe’s Giant Security Breach is Even Gianter

Brian Krebs:

The recent data breach at Adobe that exposed user account information and prompted a flurry of password reset emails impacted at least 38 million users, the company now says. It also appears that the already massive source code leak at Adobe is broadening to include the company’s Photoshop family of graphical design products. […]

At the time, a massive trove of stolen Adobe account data viewed by KrebsOnSecurity indicated that — in addition to the credit card records – tens of millions of user accounts across various Adobe online properties may have been compromised in the break-in.

Both of my Adobe IDs were compromised, though only one had an associated credit card (which is now expired, thankfully). But imagine the corporate accounts with credit cards attached that may be implicated in this. While the credit card data may be encrypted, it’s only a matter of time before it’s cracked. What a shit show.

On the bright side, maybe these hackers will fix a few long-standing Photoshop bugs.