A Loyal Apple User macworld.com

The Macalope takes just two paragraphs to destroy the notion that some people buy lots of Apple products because the company has mystical religious powers:

Apple does not build products that satisfy a feature checklist. It does not pointlessly jam in technologies that have little practical application (see: NFC). While you might be able to buy products in the same category for less, you often can’t buy name-brand products in the same category for less and you can never buy name-brand products with the same high build quality and user experience. Further, Apple products generally provide a lower cost of ownership.

This is why people buy Apple products. Because they provide value at their price point. Not because Steve Jobs put the voodoo on us. If you’re not going to address that argument—which we’ve made about a billion times—if you simply have no comeback for that, then just stop writing about Apple.

It’s about a finer thing that cannot be expressed simply by features, or price, or “openness”. It’s a total package which is more whole than what it is comprised of.