A Beginner’s Guide to Pinboard shawnblanc.net

Shawn Blanc has compiled a list of fantastic tips for using Pinboard. I signed up for the service back when it cost about $3 for an account; it’s now a little over $10, so I suspect that was a while ago.1 While I have a little over 3,400 bookmarks saved, most are either imported from my old Delicious account or automatically pulled from Twitter.

Right now, my Pinboard sits a bit dormant; I am a bad user. In addition, I seem to throw a lot of stuff in my Instapaper as a way to bookmark it, which also makes me a bad user of that service. Thanks to Blanc’s list, I think I’m going to start being both a better user of both Pinboard and Instapaper.

  1. Pinboard uses a scaled fee↥︎