90 Day Apple ID Password Reset storify.com

A few years ago, I was trying to log in with my Apple ID in iTunes and I kept getting a weird password-related error. I switched over to try it on one of Apple’s websites, and was told that my password needed to be reset. This was the first time I saw this and, without fail, every 90 days from thereon, I was required to reset my password every single time. Then, about a year ago, it stopped.

I have two Apple IDs and saw the same behaviour in both, but none of my friends saw a similar behaviour, and I had a hard time tracking down any reliable reports on the web of this occurring.

The Iconfactory’s Sean Heber asked developer relations about this, and got an answer:

A response from Apple seems to indicate that access to Attache is the thing triggering the 90 day password reset.

What the hell is Attaché?

Apple’s Attache is a kind of internal email system or something. I remember using once to deliver a particularly big file to an engineer.

Fascinating. I don’t remember ever having used this. Very odd.

Update: It could be due to the Apple ID having been used to log into an AppleConnect-related service. Attaché is connected to AppleConnect, but so is Radar, Apple’s bug reporter. I’ve used that. A lot.