The Curious Case of the 13-Inch MacBook Pro

Stephen Hackett:

Some have said that the 13-inch MacBook Pro has stuck around to hold the $1,299 price point, or to give people who want a “Pro” machine an option that doesn’t come with the $1,999 starting price point the 14-inch MacBook Pro has. It’s also (apparently) popular with corporations who buy in bulk.

During the WWDC keynote, John Ternus said the MacBook Air is the world’s best-selling laptop. In second place? Apparently, the 13-inch MacBook Pro — a strange middle-ground laptop. I wonder how many of these things are bought by people or companies who believe the MacBook Air is insufficiently capable based on its branding.

Mark Gurman reported today for Bloomberg that Apple is working on a 15-inch MacBook Air. That sounds like an appealing replacement to me for the 13-inch Pro, and would bring the lineup closer to the classic Jobs quadrant. Then again, Gurman also reported Apple is working on a 12-inch laptop. It is an interesting time to be customer of Apple’s, that is for sure.