12 Features Android Handsets Have that iPhone 5 Will Not

More crap from the International Business Times, beginning with item number two:

Over-The-Air Updates

I should point out that this was posted today, well over a month after iOS 5 was first previewed.

Android OS

Well, duh (later in the list, another item is “Open Source”).


I actually agree with this, but not for the reason they cite:

Any phone coming with 4G technology has to bear the highest component costs than any other smartphone coming without it. In fact, 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless chips required for the faster speeds in Thunderbolt cost an extra $39.75, according to industry researcher IHS.

Between its display, use of glass, and its precision construction, Apple hasn’t exactly skimped out on component or manufacturing costs with the iPhone 4.

Many of the remaining features in this list are the sorts of things Apple wouldn’t include with the phone unless there were a built-in function for them. Take a front-facing camera for starters. Apple didn’t add it until the fourth-generation iPhone because they didn’t have an out-of-the-box use for one.

The (anonymous) authour of this story also clearly doesn’t read the International Business Times, because many of the points in the post are in direct contradiction to those published yesterday by another anonymous writer.

Utter crap.