Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.

“1.24.14” Film

I guess this is what Lee Clow hinted at last month.

What this ad makes clear is what Apple considers to be the lineage of the Mac which has descended through everything they make. What that means going forward, I have no idea; what it means now carries a depth and weight.

To illustrate that lineage, Apple pieced together a team of old and new to create this ad. Lee Clow — mastermind of the “1984” Superbowl spot — and Jake Scott — son of Ridley Scott, who directed “1984” — collaborated with editor Angus Wall — who you know from his work on many of David Fincher’s films — and a huge team of unit crews. If you go ahead and just hit “play”, there’s a great punchline at the end of the video.