Followup: BookBook for iPhone

It’s been precisely 197 days since I wrote my original BookBook review, and that seems as good a timeframe as any to follow up with some more thoughts. If you don’t like reading a few more paragraphs, here’s the short version: I abandoned my BookBook.

A short time after writing my review, the first problems started to occur. Its tech specs suggest a 3-4 card capacity, plus a small stack of paper-based products in the inner pocket. Even though I remained comfortably within those specs, the seam between the card sleeves and the inner pocket tore wide open. This did not cause the cards to fall out, but it did impair usability. Pinching into the inner pocket for a bill would often require nimble finger work to avoid grabbing my bank card instead.

Torn seam in BookBook

In addition, the stitching above the clear identification card pocket left a strange, gooey residue on my iPhone’s screen when the case was closed. It could be removed with a quick wipe, but it required removal every time the case was opened.

Finally, the plastic used for the ID card window remained wrinkled, and the case itself was too large to comfortably carry at all times. It fit in a skinnier pair of jeans, but it wasn’t the most comfortable feeling when seated.

I remain sold on the concept. The idea of a phone case with a wallet is a smart one, and Twelve South has executed theirs the best out of the ones I’ve tried or seen. However, I can’t use the BookBook every day. It’s not a finished product yet.


This seems to be an never-ending saga:

We’d like to send over another BookBook for iPhone to replace the one that underperformed. Would that be OK?

My replacement arrived today, and it seems much more substantial than the first one I purchased.