About the Logo

After something like eight years without anything uniquely identifiable as a “logo” or “branding” on my website, I have finally arrived at something I am happy with. I am my own worst client. I am also terrible at writing anything vaguely self-promotional, but here’s a quick explanation of why I drew what I drew:

  1. It’s a stylized NV — as in envy.

  2. It’s loosely based off the resistor symbol. The word “resist” carries a lot of baggage, unfortunately, but I intend it to be read as the introduction of useful friction between what I link to and what you read.

  3. This is a stretch, but it looks kind of like the way I imagine the phonetics sound in the name. Think about it: PIH-ksel EN-vy.

Anyway, now that I have a logo, I can imagine actually doing things with it. Stickers? That’s a possibility. T-shirts? It’s unlikely. Enamel pins? That’s an idea. Being identifiable by more than a Univers-typeset letter E in various platforms? That’s the plan.