Written by Nick Heer.

Cisco Shuts Down Flip

Cisco bought Pure Digital (makers of the Flip) for nearly $600 million just a couple of years ago, released some crappy products and have now put 550 people out of a job. Though, to be fair, it wasn’t entirely Cisco’s fault.

My iPhone can shoot 720p video, edit it and upload it all on-the-go, and it’s always with me. My Flip is collecting dust on my shelf (though I still use it for multicam edits). If you want something dedicated to video, most still cameras these days shoot much better quality

It’s unrelated to the shutdown of Download Squad, but two respected firms closing so suddenly is quite the surprise, to say the least.

In an end-of-the-day email, Download Squad’s staff was told that the blog was closed and they were jobless, effective immediately. From that moment, no further blog posts were made on Download Squad.

Harsh. Gruber opines that the staff should have started to leave months ago, but from what I gather, this was as much a surprise for the Download Squad staff as it was for anyone else.