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WWDC is a Developers’ Conference After All

Apple’s relationship with the developer community has often been fractured, but I am not sure there has been such outright animosity and grief with the company as that expressed in the past year. The arguments expressed on the blogs of many developers — from Marco Arment to Becky Hansmeyer to Michael Tsai — are the […]

Apple Sold a Lot of Stuff in Its Second Quarter

Apple also had a quarterly earnings conference call today. A couple of observations based on Jason Snell’s excellent charts: The Mac had its best quarter ever, with $9.1 billion in sales. The last three quarters have been fairly consistent for Mac sales; in reverse order: $9.1 billion, $8.7 billion, and $9.0 billion. The Mac business […]

More Notes on the New iMac

I have not felt this enthusiastic about new Macs in a while but, I tell you, these new iMacs seem pretty terrific. The power of the M1 combined with a Pro Display XDR-reminiscent design in a bunch of great colours? I’m not in the market for a new iMac but I am hoping these colours […]

The New Apple TV 4K and New Siri Remote

After many years, Apple has updated the Apple TV 4K and the accompanying remote control. From the newsroom (U.S. link because none of the announcements from today, aside from podcast subscriptions, have Canadian press releases yet): Apple today announced the next generation of Apple TV 4K, delivering high frame rate HDR with Dolby Vision and […]

Remember Netbooks?

Nilay Patel, the Verge: Windows getting shown up by Linux was not allowed, so Microsoft did some Microsoft maneuvering, and by January 2008 the Eee PC was running Windows XP instead. It was also part of a larger category called “netbooks,” and we were all made to know what netbooks were. […] The netbook explosion […]

The HomePod Mini Contains an As-Yet Unused Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg (via Dan Moren): The Cupertino, California-based technology giant never disclosed this component and the device currently lacks consumer-facing features that use it. The company has internally discussed using the sensor to determine a room’s temperature and humidity so internet-connected thermostats can adjust different parts of a home based on current conditions, according […]

Surveillance and Facial Recognition Systems From Verkada Breached

William Turton, Bloomberg: A group of hackers say they breached a massive trove of security-camera data collected by Silicon Valley startup Verkada Inc., gaining access to live feeds of 150,000 surveillance cameras inside hospitals, companies, police departments, prisons and schools. […] Kottmann said their group was able to obtain “root” access on the cameras, meaning […]

Bloomberg’s Look at Apple’s Supply Chain and Tim Cook’s Influence

I am linking to this with the caveat that it is a Bloomberg Businessweek story about supply chains in China, which is a particular genre that the magazine has completely bombed before without any public reckoning or accountability. One wonders why Bloomberg continues to leave its tattered reputation dangling in the wind, making it hard […]

Grading Apple’s 2020

Jason Snell again graciously allowed me to participate in the annual Six Colors Apple report card, so I graded the performance of a multi-trillion-dollar company from my low-rent apartment. There simply aren’t enough column inches in his report card for all of my silly thoughts. I have therefore generously given myself some space here to […]

The Six Colors Apple Report Card 2020

I have long enjoyed reading the annual Apple report card that Jason Snell organizes and publishes. It is a finger on the pulse of a company that remains uniquely interesting despite becoming a proper behemoth worth about six times as much now as it was when this survey began. New in this year’s report card […]

‘A New Year, a Fresh Clean Start’

Michael Cavna, Washington Post: The final “Calvin and Hobbes” strip was fittingly published on a Sunday — Dec. 31, 1995 — the day of the week on which Bill Watterson could create on a large color-burst canvas of dynamic art and narrative possibility, harking back to great early newspaper comics like “Krazy Kat.” The cartoonist […]

Save Dialog Deja Vu

Jon Gotow (via Michael Tsai): Yes, the Open and Save dialogs keep appearing at their smallest possible sizes in Big Sur 11.1. It’s not just you, and it’s not something you’ve done wrong – it’s a bug in Big Sur. […] Sadly, resizing the dialog so it’s larger only works on the current one. Every […]

‘20 Macs for 2020’ Concludes With the Correct Choice

In introducing this series in August, Jason Snell defined his ranking criteria as based solely on notability: Now, note my choice of words there: notable. I’m not saying these are my favorite Macs — a bunch of them I only knew in passing and never used myself. I’m not saying these are the best Macs […]

This Ass Cheek Follows You Around the Internet to Harvest Data

Kate Dries, Vice: On Friday, I was reading… something… on my phone, and the above advertisement greeted me in the middle of it. As you’ll see it, it’s for a company called IVROSE, and depicts a woman wearing long johns with the buttflap slightly open in a way that can most certainly be described as […]

Last Week’s Criminal Antitrust Accusations Were All About Google

Last week, in two separate lawsuits, Google was sued on antitrust grounds — first by the attorney general of Texas and nine other states, then by the attorneys general of Colorado and Nebraska plus thirty-six other states. Both lawsuits are, I assure you, wild rides but I feel that it is important to warn you […]

A Brief Look at ProRAW

When it first became possible to capture unprocessed iPhone camera data with the API introduced in iOS 10, I remember being shocked by the images I saw. Here are the same unedited sample photos I showed in my review of the feature, both shot on an iPhone 6S: Shot as a JPEG, 100% zoom. Shot […]

Apple’s ‘EDR’ Brings High Dynamic Range to Non-HDR Displays

Earlier this week, I linked to Stuart Maschwitz’s Twitter thread about Extended Dynamic Range in MacOS. Maschwitz has followed that up with a full blog post explanation that I think is worth reading: So add a third method of displaying EDR content to Apple’s roster: On these non-HDR displays, Apple has remapped “white” to something […]

5G Is Still Mostly Made of Unwarranted Hype

Dieter Bohn, the Verge: Except I’m not baffled, not really. The last few years have seen the growth of the 5G Hype Industrial Complex. US carriers, Qualcomm, and phone manufacturers have all collaborated (one might say colluded) to drive a huge cycle of hype for 5G. They’ve promised streaming games, telemedicine, self-driving cars, and rural […]