Day: 27 April 2012

On Tuesday, I linked to a collection of photographs harvested by the Daily Mail from a recently-released cache of 870,000. Now, Alan Taylor of The Atlantic has picked out 53 stellar examples. There’s some overlap, but I trust you’ll love the chance to explore this history. Do yourself a favour and switch the viewer to 1280 pixels wide.

Panic, the raddest little software company on the planet, has launched a new landing page. It’s pretty great, and it includes retina display support. In the process of moving files around on the server, Panic co-founder Cabel Sasser found a bunch of rotating banners for the top of the site dating as far back as 2002.

If you like the idea of the Dodocase, but find it perhaps a bit too clichéd or fragile, Scott Nedrelow has a couple of great cases that are now in production for the new iPad. In an enhancement over the Dodocase, Nedrelow’s cases include magnets on the lid which help keep it closed, and activate the Smart Cover features. Nice.