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Rob Enderle vs. Reality

Last week was an interesting week. Apple announced what appears to be a penis iron in the new iPad, and folks are burning through their monthly 4G data plans in a few hours. Tim’s having his first Antennagate moment, and Steve Jobs he isn’t.

He also oversaw an extremely successful product launch, but don’t let that get in the way of your point. By the way, what’s a penis iron?

On the other hand, Meg Whitman announced her first major restructuring since taking over HP, and on paper it not only looks impressive […]

Wherein Enderle equates HP’s plans to Apple’s execution, and determines at the former is more likely to produce success than the latter.

Ironically, the stock market continues to reward Apple and punish HP, which suggests the market remains consistently out of step with reality.

Rob Enderle is consistently out of step with reality.

Penis Iron

Oh I get it. The new iPad gets warm, it’s metallic, and it sits in your lap. Therefore, penis iron. I thought it was Enderle’s nickname for his junk.