Day: 17 February 2012

As expected from Pentagram, this looks like ass. Why not use the beautiful Microsoft Store logo, or even a modernised version of Microsoft’s Windows logo from 1985?

This logo has no soul. The window is wrong from a perspective standpoint, and looks like an entirely separate element. The circular dot over the “i” looks stupid in such a close proximity to the oval “o”. The numeral isn’t even in Segoe.

Melissa Martin, writing for the Winnipeg Free Press:

The bill, otherwise dubbed the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act, would give police access to Internet subscribers’ private information without a warrant, among other increased powers.

Outrageous, right? This is the Canadian equivalent of SOPA combined with elements of DCMA. It’s insane and ridiculous, and us Canadians have had enough:

Robert Jensen, a Prince Edward Island man and regular critic of the Harper government, came up with the idea on Thursday morning and urged his followers to spam [Member of Parliament Vic] Toews’ official Twitter account with useless personal trivia.

Jensen later faxed his grocery list to Toews’ Ottawa office; but by then, the Tell Vic Everything movement had become a bona fide sensation. Only eight hours after Jensen’s original Tweet, there were thousands of messages in the Tell Vic Everything pile — and the momentum was still picking up. “I’m killing myself laughing,” Jensen wrote on his account. “Now this is what we call peaceful, democratic protest, Canuck-style.”