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Apple Enforces the Warning in Their Email Footers

On January 14, David W. Boles wrote a post wherein he describes a little hiccup he had when trying to transfer the warranty from his dead Apple display to his replacement one. He notes his difficulties with AppleCare with quotes from the email exchange. There’s no identifying information attached.

Today, he received a curious email ostensibly from Apple:

I am one of the policy representatives here at Apple. It came to our concern that our policy was broken. It is illegal to transmit information from voicemails, e-mails, transactions, etc, into public or private blogs and forums, vlogs, as well as documentation onto the internet, except for the proper authorities.

It goes on to demand a takedown within 24 hours.

This email is curious for a number of reasons. First, it contains a number of basic grammatical errors and does not contain the standard email footer that is the very subject of the exchange.

Of even greater curiosity is “why?”. People have posted contents of emails from AppleCare, Apple Developer — heck, even emails from Steve Jobs. Nobody, to my knowledge, has received one of these emails before. Of course there have been prior legal threats: blogs have received takedown notices for images, and ThinkSecret got sued out of existence because of inside information that they published. But none of these cases are for posted email exchanges. Very, very curious.

Amazon’s Sales Miss Estimates, Profit Drops

Amazon.com Inc., the world’s largest Internet retailer, missed analysts’ fourth-quarter revenue estimates and reported a 57 percent decline in profit, dragged down by…

Wait, let me guess.

Alright, got my prediction. Carry on.

…shipping costs and the money-losing Kindle Fire.

I was going to go with Bezos makin’ it rain.