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Archive for December 29th, 2011

I’ll Tell You Why Movie Revenue Is Dropping

The always-excellent Roger Ebert:

The message I get is that Americans love the movies as much as ever. It’s the theaters that are losing their charm.

I wholly agree with this. The theatre used to be somewhere that offered an intimate escape from reality, but it has become a clinical, depressing, expensive experience.

Not Even Considering Android or Windows Phone Devices

Matt Alexander:

That might sound like my life has been dumbed down, but that’s incorrect assertion. My life has just been made easier. There’s that much less in my digital life for me to be considerate of. No longer must I verse myself with codecs and conversion techniques in order to enjoy my media, or with firmware hacks and overclocking to get the best features and performance out of my hardware. My technology just works, and it does so in the background. I enjoy applications that help me work and live, and I no longer have to focus on the underlying mechanics that facilitate that.

This, in a nut, is the chasm between Apple’s ecosystem and that of their competitors.