Written by Nick Heer.

Archive for November 23rd, 2011

Will Amazon Take Over Android App Distribution?

Marco Arment thinks so:

All it would take is a deal between Amazon and one of the big handset manufacturers to preload the Amazon Appstore, placed more prominently than Google’s Android Market, on all of their phones for a little while. Amazon knows how to play the retail game — it’s their business, and they’re incredibly good at it.

Avichal Garg disagrees:

Owning the platform is Google’s way of making sure they own search — both on the web and for apps.

Kindle Fire is about selling more digital content and facilitating e-commerce. Apps happen to be one type of digital content, but they’re far from the focal point for Amazon.

I’d side with Marco, though. Avichal is under the impression that Google owns the platform, but since they’ve open-sourced it, it can be implemented by anyone without giving Google any sort of credit or royalties.

Amazon is in the business of selling things. It began with physical products, then they offered digital music. Apps are something else they can sell.

Please Let This Not Be the Future of Reading on the Web

I echo these sentiments, and I’d add that it’s even worse for those who pay for extra features or better access on a number of news sites. Ads will often prevail even for subscribers in an annoying and pervasive manner.

Also, sharing buttons must disappear. I enjoy links to good content in my Twitter feed as much as anyone, but it’s easy enough to do without putting a plethora of buttons on every page.