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Are They Coding These Apps with Pen and Paper?

BlackBerryCool has posted some quick shots of the [new native calendar and email apps].

You mean that PlayBook users will be able to have an offline calendar? Holy shit. You could knock me over with a coffee stirrer at this point.

The apps won’t be arriving until February 17th, and there won’t be a native BBM client by then either.

Take your time, RIM. It isn’t like it’s a competitive market or anything.

Grooveshark Sued by Universal

No big surprises here. Grooveshark has always seemed to exist on very shaky legal ground. YouTube frequently avoids similar lawsuits because they’re part of a big company, and because they employ content filtering to try to screen out potential infringement. Grooveshark does not employ what any judge would consider “reasonable measures” to avoid issues.

UMG is seeking maximum damages of up to $150,000 per infringement from Grooveshark, which could mean more than a $15 billion payout if the lawsuit is successful.

It’s pretty clear that they’re not after the money; they just want Grooveshark shut down.

Nokia’s Microsoft Phones May Not Get Traction, Analyst Says

I don’t usually put a lot of faith in analysts, as they’re usually talking out of their asses (it’s right in the name). But this article by Brian X. Chen might actually be right. Take this quote:

James Faucette, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities, cut his forecast for Nokia Windows phone sales this quarter to 500,000 units from two million on Tuesday…

That’s disappointing news. You have me there, because Windows phones aren’t doing that well to begin with. Now, in the same sentence, lose me with your reasoning.

… explaining that Windows phones designed by Nokia had no clear advantage over other manufacturers’ devices that would allow them to compete.

I disagree completely. The hardware quality alone is better than any other phone on the market, save for the iPhone 4(S).