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Archive for October 28th, 2011

Broadway: An H.264 Decoder in JavaScript

Well, unfortunately there are browsers like Firefox that refuse to implement the defacto-standard in video codecs in their browsers. […] So what’s the next best course of action?  Well, you can either encode your videos in three different codecs to cover all your bases, or just in H.264 and use the JavaScript implementation to play it.

This is too clever.

Why I’m Kissing Spotify Goodbye

Spotify is great for people who love what’s on the radio right now, but as Brett Kelly points out, it’s less awesome for listeners with more varied tastes:

Bottom line: I’m willing to spend a little more to own the music I want

The free plan should satisfy those discovering a new artist, but it’s better to own the music you like than to rely on a third-party and their licensing deals (c.f. Coldplay’s decision).