Day: 24 October 2011

Yes, another post about how we are failing as an industry. Awesome.

Chris Tellez, also known (to me, at least) as “the guy who often makes my cappuccino”, presents his take on the coffee community. Some of you may remember Alex Beecher’s post from a couple of weeks ago. This is along similar lines, but with unique observations.

The word cappuccino among many of us automatically denotes a drink around 5 oz. made of espresso and steamed milk. […] Yet, if you walk into a coffee shop and see a cappuccino in various sizes, as well as a traditional cappuccino on the menu, there is a subtle change in your opinion of that establishment. If they know what is “right”, why do they bother to serve the “wrong” drink?

This echoes (in a different context) Marco Arment’s post on design:

Aggressively pursue simplification, elegance, craftsmanship, and the highest-class user experiences in the product line. Ruthlessly cut or hold features or entire products that aren’t good enough.

For some reason, this step gets missed all the time across a wide variety of disciplines.

Neven Mrgan, on where iOS and the Mac go from here:

Processing power will grow, soon and impressively. It’s possible that Apple will consider non-touch-based input methods for creative work as well, though this is a riskier bet. Larger screens on iOS devices? This is the trickiest question, and the one that interests me the most.

I agree. I think Apple sees iOS as their future platform (though in the fairly distant future of, say, 5 years from now). It will be interesting to see what form factors Apple can dream up with iOS as a base.