Written by Nick Heer.

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It turns out that I am really not in the loop. E-603, one of my favourite mashup artists, has a new mixtape out as of a month-and-a-half ago. So hop in your time machine and set it to September fifth to be one of the first to download it.

May on Motoring DIY

The always entertaining James May:

But I’m getting slightly bored with old giffers saying things like: “Well, of course, in my day, when your car went wrong, you knew how to fix it yourself.” What they forget is that in their day, the car went wrong every 15 minutes.

This applies equally well to tech. The idea that anyone should be able to fix their computer is nonsense. As more consumers have more digital items in their lives, the likelihood that someone will be able to fix them dwindles. Is that a bad thing? I’d argue that it isn’t.