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Dead Kennedys Art

A collection of album artwork and promotional flyers created by Winston Smith for one of my favourite bands. I didn’t realise that he was behind the Dead Kennedys logo; I doodled “DK” in my notebooks all the time in high school.

Followup to Steve Yegge’s Google+ Rant

Remember this rant regarding Google+ and Amazon from a week or so ago?

Everyone just laughed at me a lot, all the way up to the top, for having committed what must be the great-granddaddy of all Reply-All screwups in tech history.

I’ll say.

There are some great stories in this followup regarding Amazon and Google alike.

Train to Nowhere

Yonah Freemark:

The fact that the House and Senate have yet to agree on a long-term transportation bill, and the fact that Republicans have shown no interest so far in funding more intercity rail programs using the public purse, suggests that the situation is unlikely to get better for now.

This is likely to put a dent in plans to open the new [California high-speed] rail line by 2020.

Yet another blow for reasonable discourse to the detriment of the public.

You Can’t Be Serious, Amazon

I’m avoiding linking to excerpts and spoilers from Steve Jobs’ biography. However, I noticed that Amazon is currently pricing the Kindle version at nearly three dollars more than the hardcover, and a dollar more than the abridged audiobook. On the iBooks store, the book is priced about the same as the hardcover is on Amazon.

This isn’t an affiliate link, by the way.