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Archive for August 26th, 2011

How F1 is Changing the Future of Air Travel

I saw this on Reddit and thought it would be a fantastic article combining two interests of mine: Formula 1 and airports. The first sentence, though, erased my confidence (emphasis mine):

The diesel-fueled world of Formula One

Nope. Try again, CNN.

AT&T Was Dickish Yesterday

AT&T has added a new $2-a-month “minimum use” fee to the phone bills of landline customers who don’t have long-distance calling plans. In other words, customers who rarely, if ever, make long-distance calls are the ones most likely to pay the fee. Those customers can avoid the fee, a company spokeswoman said, as long as they make at least $2 worth of long-distance calls a month.

Verizon has decided to be dicks too, today. They’re now charging $6/month for FTP access:

Verizon is no longer allowing it’s customers to FTP transfer into or from their personal web spaces, which means I can no longer upload pictures from my cam to my own website. The only way to alter your website is to use their own web based “site builder”. They claim that it’s for “security”. But the funny part? If you pay $5.95 or more a month, you are once again allowed to FTP in.