Day: 30 July 2011

Frederick Kaufman, writing for Wired:

Trujillo, Watts, and 18 other coffee connoisseurs will soon sample the 29 brews that have made it to the semifinals. Ten of these sit in front of each judge, in identical white cups with only a number to identify them, meticulously arranged in 20 straight lines on six broad tables. Each cup holds 11.5 grams of ground beans, measured out to the hundredth of a gram.

According to the Austin Chronicle, Solid Waste Services hoped to re-brand itself by focusing less on wastefulness and more on environmentally-friendly, sustainable practices. In the Austin spirit of innovative thinking, the department opted to crowdsource a new name for the public utility using a web poll. […] The most votes by a wide margin were cast for 24-year-old Kyle Hentges’ submission, “Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts.”