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Archive for June 20th, 2011

To Hell with Bad Devices

Marc Drummond:

[…] I was willing to put CSS to work in place of tables to handle the heavy lifting of layout. I feel the same way now about responsive web design. Designing a fixed layout just doesn’t make sense anymore. The wide variety of viewport sizes from a wide variety of devices means that assuming a baseline screen size of 800 pixels or 1024 pixels just isn’t tenable anymore.

A Tale of Two Inboxes: RSS and Twitter

An excellent (and thorough) post from the always-great Shawn Blanc. I would disagree with the following though:

Your email inbox is bi-directional: items come in and sit there until you volley them back. Your RSS inbox is uni-directional: items come in, stop at the inbox, and sit there until you file them away. Twitter, however, is an amalgamation of both.

I would argue that email is also an amalgamation of both. I’d wager that most people have at least one daily (or near-daily) subscription email, or something which is from a do-not-reply address.

Otherwise, Blanc’s article is thorough and backed by surveys and data. Really well researched.