Written by Nick Heer.

Archive for May 27th, 2011

Windows Phone Mango

This looks amazing. I’ve long-maintained that this is my next-favourite phone OS, next to iOS. Mango is going to make it even better. Conversation view is better-integrated than in Mail for iPhone. The ability to link together mail accounts into groups of addresses into categories like “work” and “personal” is a great enhancement, too.

I still don’t like how Windows Phone 7 integrates many things into one big view, though. For instance, the new “threads” feature links together conversations with Facebook, Windows Live and text message into one big conversation. I like to keep those things separate.

Multitasking is much more visual than it is on iOS, and is more like WebOS with a card view of each application.

I hope the rollout process works better for users, and for Microsoft’s benefit. This is shaping up to be a fantastic OS.