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Archive for April 30th, 2011

My Column on Columns – Subtraction

I’ve been reconsidering my use of columns on this site for a while. This entry in the always-fantastic Subtraction blog is pushing me closer to removing them and unifying the body to a 420px-wide single-column layout. If the site is down for about an hour at some point in the near future, that’s what I’m doing.

What Safari’s “Reading List” in Lion means for Instapaper

Marco Arment reflects on Lion’s new, as-yet undisclosed Reading List feature:

If Apple gets a bunch of Safari users — the browser that works best with Instapaper — to get into a “read later” workflow and see the value in such features, those users are prime potential Instapaper customers. And it gives me an easier way to explain it to them: “It’s like Safari’s Reading List, but better, in these ways.”