Day: 3 April 2011

RIM’s market share over the same period collapsed, dropping almost 5 points. Apple’s share increased slightly, but is dead in the water and has now fallen way behind Android. Android now has a third of the US market (33%). RIM’s share has plummeted to 29%. Apple is holding at 25%.

Apple’s share slightly increased in the last few months prior to the point when people think they’re going to bring out a new model. Android gained users who jumped ship from BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Palm, but not the iPhone.

Also, as Gruber points out, these figures don’t reflect other iOS device marketshare, meaning the development opportunity (which this article argues about) is much broader on Apple’s devices.

I read in the paper today that Conan O’Brien’s documentary is out this weekend. The one that chronicles the purportedly healing journey/concert tour he went on after his messy divorce from NBC. I also read that Charlie Sheen is suing Warner Brothers for $100 million and the two of these things reminded me of one of the more character-building experiences that I had in my career, many years ago.

Alec Baldwin’s open letter to Charlie Sheen, to which I append two sidenotes:

  1. I would normally not link to a publication as trashy as the HuffPo. My apologies.
  2. The internet, as I understand it, is already an open letter. Designating one part of it as such is redundant, but I digress.