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Naked Security

Graham Cluley writing for Sophos explores the recent connect.me Twitter spam.

Why should I trust these guys and grant them permission to post to my Twitter or Facebook pages? I don’t even know what their product is supposed to be! And yet, thousands of folks appear to be signing-up without a second thought.

It’s impossible for people to use Twitter authentication alone to steal your bank account details or your email address. On the other hand, what does connect.me have to offer right now, except a splash screen with the promise to be “a better way for online communities to discover and connect to each other.” Vague doesn’t even begin to describe it. They also have (ironically enough) a privacy policy posted, which basically says “trust us.”

New York’s Puritan Chefs Want It Their Way – NYTimes

No to pouring takeout espressos, or grinding more than a pound of coffee at a time. No to taming the intensity of a magma-spicy dish. And most of all, no to the 21st-century conviction that everything can be accessorized to the customer’s taste.

If I ever opened a café, I would only have one size: 8 oz. Everything would be a double shot. It would be made with milk, and it would not be made hot, because that scalds the milk.

When I worked at a coffee shop, I cringed every time someone wanted a single shot, extra hot large soy latte. It ruins everything that’s great about the drink. Most people don’t know what good coffee tastes like, so they try to mask it. A well-made latte doesn’t need anything added to it, because the espresso is smooth and savoury, and the milk is light, airy and sweet. It just works. Don’t mess with it.

Followup to “2”

A quick scorecard from yesterday’s predictions.

iPad 2 — count on it — Correct

<p><strong>iOS 4.3</strong> &mdash; count on it &mdash; <strong>Correct</strong></p>
<p><strong>Random House on iBookstore</strong> &mdash; very likely &mdash; <strong>Correct</strong></p>
<p><strong>iOS 5 preview</strong> &mdash; maybe &mdash; <strong>Didn't happen</strong></p>
<p><strong>Developer show-off</strong> &mdash; sadly very likely &mdash; <strong>Correct</strong></p>
<p><strong>Steve Jobs</strong> &mdash; unlikely &mdash; <strong>Wrong, but pleased to be</strong></p>
<p><strong>Mac OS X Lion</strong> &mdash; somewhat likely &mdash; <strong>Didn't happen</strong></p>
<p><strong>MobileMe changes</strong> &mdash; very likely &mdash; <strong>Wrong</strong></p>
<p><strong>White iPhone 4 information</strong> &mdash; you&#8217;re joking, right? &mdash; <strong>Correct</strong></p>
<p><strong>White iPad</strong> &mdash; more likely than the iPhone &mdash; <strong>Correct</strong></p>

Of ten predictions, six were absolutely correct. It’s a pass.


A quick prediction/likelihood analysis for tomorrow’s Apple event. I shall score myself at its conclusion.

iPad 2 — count on it

The event is very clearly about an iPad upgrade. Put all your money on that, if you can find a friend stupid enough to match your bet.

iOS 4.3 — count on it

A new iOS device means a new version of iOS. 4.3 has been in developer beta for a couple of months now, and it seems like it’ll be the version shipping on the second-generation tablet.

Random House on iBookstore — very likely

Random House, the world’s largest book publisher, announced today that they’re switching pricing models to the same kind Apple uses. It would be a major boon to the store (whose name I’m not comfortable typing more than once).

iOS 5 preview — maybe

Apple has done next-generation iOS previews in the March/April timeframe for the last three years. It might make sense to combine them into one event. If there is iOS 5 talk, I’m betting on a revised notification system, new voice controls and a new Maps application. None of the NFC stuff will be announced.

Developer show-off — sadly very likely

Five-or-so developers show off their apps in a clumsy manner. Oh, the joy and the suspense. Note that I like the idea of such an opportunity, but most developers that have demoed their apps over the years are lousy public speakers.

Steve Jobs — unlikely

I don’t think he’ll make an appearance. It’ll be a Phil Schiller/Scott Forstall show. PC Magazine points out that he might appear via FaceTime, which would be unlikely, but possible.

Mac OS X Lion — somewhat likely

On the one hand, it’s very clearly an iPad event. On the other hand, they recently issued the developer preview. I think they’ll save it until WWDC.

MobileMe changes — very likely

White iPhone 4 information — you’re joking, right?

Update: on further thought, this might actually happen.

White iPad — more likely than the iPhone

Quick note: I want to claim this before anyone else does. I think the second-generation iPad might have a carbon fibre internal frame and back, and I think the back will be painted. Think flatter, bigger iPhone 4. This way, they can do both the front and back in white or black.