Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

There used to be a long Terms of Use here, in perfect legalese. That seems a bit excessive to me.

The short version is that you use this website, and all content hosted here, at your own risk. Anything that you download to your computer is also done so at your own risk.

The content that I link to is done so with standard scrutiny. If you visit an external site (anything not at pxlnv.com), the liability changes to accord with the privacy policy and terms of that website. In short, the content of external sites is not my problem. I’m sorry for any interstitial or other ads they may send your way.


Privacy? I take that very seriously. I have installed a local analytics package called Mint which interprets information which your browser willingly sends anyway, such as IP address, screen resolution, browser, operating system, and referral information. This information is regularly flushed, is kept pseudonymous, and is password-protected. I take reasonable precautions to ensure that nobody else can see this information.

As of right now, I’m pretty sure that Do Not Track signals are ignored by Mint (i.e. it doesn’t actually receive those signals or process them). Then again, I’m not really tracking anything with it — I don’t run targeted ads on the site, for instance. If this changes in a new version of Mint, I’ll update this.

Emails are kept anonymous, especially when sent encrypted, but I may want to quote something you’ve written me about from time to time. When that happens, I’ll ask you. If you’ve emailed me about something you think I got wrong, I may use your name to credit the correction or clarification, but I won’t if it’s nonpublic information. If you’d like to be absolutely clear that I credit you anonymously, please let me know (I’ll usually check with you first, though). Here’s my public key.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Please also see Carbon Ads’ privacy policy for information about the sidebar ads.