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Perhaps My Favourite Series of Album Covers Ever

Modwheelmood released three volumes of their Pearls to Pigs EP set, making one complete album in the end. Here are the covers for each release:


Anyway, all three volumes are excellent. My favourite tracks on each volume:

  1. MHz
  2. Domenica Pomeriggio
  3. Scared of Everyone

Go buy them on iTunes or Amazon today.

Windows 7

I know this post is going to come off all Mac-fanboy-ish, but it must be said.

Jump lists:

OS X’s dock menus:

Window peeking:


New system tray, which users are in control of:

OS X’s menu bar (which I am in control of):

Note: if you’re wondering why there are some funny characters in these screenshots (like the O’s above), I’m mucking around with a system font with an incomplete character set.

OS X is handling these features simpler, more elegantly, and better.


Images from Ars Technica.


Just thought I’d give a teeny update on the statistics front. About a year ago, I was averaging around 40-50 page views per day, with a one-day high of 170. As of today, I’m averaging about 150 views per day, and an all-time high of 494.

So, Innerpartysystem’s New Album…

…only has 2 of the 6 tracks that were on their Download EP. Tracklists: The Download EP 1. Don’t Stop 2. Heart Of Fire 3. The Way We Move 4. Night Is Alive 5. The Lovers Dancing 6. The Lovers Dancing (Remix)

Innerpartysystem 1. Die Tonight Live Forever 2. Last Night In Brooklyn 3. Don’t Stop 4. Structure 5. Everyone Is The Same 6. Obsession 7. This Empty Love 8. New Poetry 9. This Town, Your Grave 10. Heart Of Fire 11. What We Will Never Know

It’s a pity they didn’t include The Lovers Dancing or The Way We Move. Both are excellent songs. Huh…

The new album is great, by the way. Kinda disappointed in the album mix of Don’t Stop vs. the EP version. The EP “Don’t Stop” is much, much better. Great album. Check it out on iTunes or Amazon.